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How to Light a Fire

  1. Place 1 or 2 Flamers Fire Lighters and Flamers kindling on the base of the appliance.
  2. Break Flamers Wood Logs into 2-3 pieces by tapping them together and placing on the firelighters.
  3. Light the Flamers Fire Lighters.
  4. Add more Flamers Wood Logs as required to build the fire.


This product generates extreme heat therefore great care must be taken when using, handling and disposing of them safely. Additionally, heatlogs expand with heat. It is recommended to break each log in 2 pieces, or more, and never overfill your open fire. Never use lighter fuel or other flammable liquids. Never use in confined spaces, or prohibited areas. Always keep children and pets away from fire. If using a chimenea never place it on a surface which is not fireproof. Never leave an open fire unattended.

Important Safety Message

  • Always keep chimneys and flueways clear and ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation.
  • Always use a fireguard when children are present or the fire is left unattended.
  • Always ensure that you use your solid fuel appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • To avoid danger of suffocation please keep this bag away from babies and children

Suitable for: Open Fires, Wood Burners, Multifuel Stoves, Range Cookers, Pizza Ovens, Chimeneas, Fire Pits.

  • Must be kept dry
  • Moisture content <12%
  • Low ash
  • Very little smoke
  • High heat output
  • Long lasting
  • No sparking or spitting
  • Can be broken to fit small stoves