The Flamers range of fire products have been developed by the Conroy Group in the centre of Ireland. The Group has over 50 years experience in the timber industry and they have developed an integrated business model which has allowed them develop the ‘Flamers’ brand range.

First launched in 2009, Flamers Wood Logs have now been followed into the marketplace by Kindling, Firelogs, Firelighters and Chimney Sweep, and distribution continues to grow year on year at significant rates, as does sales through a variety of outlets.

A core value of the Conroy Group is to offer customers superb products at great value prices. This is reflected perfectly within the ‘Flamers’ range. Products which are very environmentally friendly – smokeless with very low CO2 emissions, recycled timber usage, no Carbon Tax levies – combined with maximum cleanliness and providing very high heat rates – you’ll need 30-40% less fuel than ordinary solid fuel – illustrates the company ethos exactly.